/ by Wen-You Cai

At This Point 

The inaugural exhibition at If and Wen Space

Works by CJ Hill, Midge Wattles, ST Luk

Curated by Wen-You Cai


At This Point is an art exhibition comprised of works by three young artists who have all graduated with me from the Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in Architecture, Photography, and Sculpture. They followed the Art School tradition of moving to New York after graduation with the intention of pursuing careers as artists; in a city that has become expensive and difficult to thrive in, they hold day jobs as a way to sustain their rent. Having this space, I found it to be my duty to encourage the artistic pursuits of fellow young artists, and invited them to maintain their momentum and to make art with the incentive of showing their work to an audience.


For this show, we have invited our guests to enter my home, the former residence of my artist father Cai Guo-Qiang, to take their shoes off and view unique site-specific installations and artworks that are inspired by the loft, both the objects within and the architecture.


CJ, Midge, and ST have created works inspired by the salon meetings I’ve hosted in my home for the past year. Through our time together in the space, each artist has digested particular elements that have captivated them, and they have created works in their own artistic styles. CJ, drawn to the stories of my upbringing, has rendered snake souvenirs from my childhood, the stone lions guarding our Feng Shui from a Whitney Biennial Show, and the cheap wooden chairs around the apartment from a PS1 residency my dad participated in. Midge, with a photographic eye, was attracted to the light passage that long streamed through the space, leaving a history of life lived and inspired. And influenced by fireworks and site-specific installations of my father’s works, ST followed the site-specificity and the ideas with the ignition point of the Match.


In my lifetime thus far, I have undergone two stages of art education. The first, from growing up in museums after hours, while my dad tirelessly installed his art exhibitions. The second was the more conventional one of art school. Entering into the third phase of my artistic life, I have decided to invite these unique individuals to share with them the first stage with my family, as we move forward to working as artists, not in hobby, or study, but in practice.  

Wen-You Cai

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